About Me



My name is Simone and I am the face behind The Style Polaroid. I am a 27-year old young woman from Austria, who has been putting her love for fashion and the beauty of this world online since 2014.

Travelling has always been a big part of my life as I believe that with each place we visit, we learn something new about ourselves. There is so much hidden beauty in this world that I cannot wait to witness with my very own eyes – and discover new paths for myself along the way.

To me, fashion has always been a way of expressing myself and my personality and it fascinates me how our perception of people can change simply due to the style they opt for. Fashion is a way of inventing a new YOU every single day. With The Style Polaroid I want to inspire young women to embrace being bold, adventurous and unique. Beauty is not defined by an unrealistic image manufactured by society and the fashion industry – anyone can be fashionable, no matter the size or the looks. And style is not a matter of the amount of money we all own, style is about the art of combination and the ability to turn key pieces into a fashion statement with the right accessories.

On The Style Polaroid I am sharing my personal experiences and adventures all over the world and am taking you along on my journey. Let’s all grow together as individuals and appreciate ourselves and the world we’re surrounded by a little bit more each day – to eventually become the people we aspire to be.

xoxo, Simone