Flea Market Pieces.

Last Sunday fellow fashion blogger Alina Reinisch from lalyna.com and two of her friends hosted a flea market at their flat and I didn’t let the opportunity pass to have a look at the pieces they had sorted out. The atmosphere in the flat was homely and comfortable, snacks were offered and the clothes were presented really nicely. Overall it was a lovely afternoon dedicated to fashion.
Flea markets are a lovely possibility to purchase beautiful, trendy second hand clothes for a little price. I don’t visit flea markets very often but whenever I do it is of high importance to me to purchase clothes which may be second hand but are still of high quality. So if you decide to buy clothes at a flea market, always make sure to check the quality of the pieces you buy to prevent disappointment. What I purchased at the flea market are the patterned shirt, the grey sweater as well as the black shorts, which together add up to a comfortable but classy winter outfit for cold, snowy days. 

Sweater: River Island; Shirt: Forever 21; Shorts: H&M; Coat: Rich&Royal; Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

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(all the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures; credits to the designers)

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