When speaking of the definition of accessories, most people’s initial thoughts include bracelets, necklaces, bags and sunglasses. Hats, however, are rather often seen as a saviour and the only way out on a catastrophic bad hair day.

Even though hats might have a questionable reputation, I have always loved playing with different styles and glamming up a casual plain outfit with a cute beret or a bakerboy hat. Recently, hair accessories have worked their way back into the spotlight, Especially headbands, the iconic scrunchies from the 80s and oversized hair clips in all shapes and forms have taken over the runways of this world. Personally, I love wearing headbands and hats during spring and summer as these kind of accessories always manage to radiate holiday vibes. In this post I will show you multiple ways of styling different hair accessories.


During the peak of Gossip Girl and the headband styled to perfection by the iconic Blair Waldorf, the hair accessory was at its prime. Shortly after, the trend died down again but ever since the mid to late 20th century has been experiencing a revival, the headband has taken over the fashion world again.

The colour scheme of a headband is essential when it comes to it matching your personal style. Colours such as emerald green, a burgundy red or black matches blonde hair well, mustard, light blue and grey are perfect for darker hair colours.Lately I have become rather fond of the colour emerald green, which is also why my latest headband purchase turned out to be that colour


I actually enjoy the trend of recycling old statement trends people used to wear 20+ years ago and adding a modern twist to them. At first I wasn’t entirely convinced if this kind of hair accessory would make it into my wardrobe but I decided to give it a try – and was pleasantly surprised. Especially with long hair, one tends to get quite annoyed by it at least once a week. Hair clips help to get ahold of loose strands of hair and add a chique vibe to your look. I am still on the hunt for more pieces that match my preferences, maybe my holiday in Dubai will lead me to the ultimate hair clips.


Anyone who has been around this blog for more than a year knows that I have been obsessed with hats for a couple years. Fedoras, berets, bakerboy hats – you name it, I probably have it somewhere in my wardrobe. Fedoras are easy to throw on and add such a classy, elegant and unique touch to each outfit that I would almost consider it a must to own at least one. No matter the season, they either shield you from the hot summer sun or cold autumn winds.

The only challenge is that you need to figure out which hat shape suits you the most. Not every hat is made for every person’s head. Fedoras are my personal favourites, even though I also enjoy wearing a beret on occassions. Bakerboy hats are great for casual outfits consisting of skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt, baseball caps have fallen of my radar since the first time I tried one on because I do look ridiculous in them (haha).

I love this new fedora I bought not long ago a lot because I have been loving camel coloured items recently.

There is so much more you can do with your hair than simply braiding it or throwing it up into a bun. And hair accessories are definitely not for bad hair days only as we can quite clearly see.

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