Net Tights, Leather & A Dash of Mustard

It is mildly surprising that a strong, bright colour such as mustard has found its way into my wardrobe in various ways lately. I have never been a big fan of all shades yellow in terms of clothing as I have never considered it particularly charming. But coincidences often lead to new observations and changes of mind. 
ZARA has once again proven me wrong in terms of my slight reluctance towards the bright shade and has turned me into a person who genuinely appreciates a dash of mustard during the dreary month of February. Despite me being an open advocate of individualism, I couldn’t help but fall for the trend that has been taking over the blogger and fashion world and has been presented in numerous forms – the net tights. It took me quite some time to grow fond of this new trend but now that I have become a proud owner of net tights myself, I can’t help but admit that the look is quite appealing if combined with edgy sandals or casual sneakers. 

My love for leather jackets is unabated and yet again a new piece has found its way into my collection. This time it is a rather special piece with faux fur detail at the collar which can be detached during the summer months which I personally find very convenient. The jacket gives the whole look a rocky edge and keeps surprisingly warm during cold evenings. 

Jacket; Shoes; Turtleneck & Trousers: ZARA; Tights: Calzedonia


 (pictures are ©MomentousMoments 2017, the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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