November Colours.

As the end of the year approaches and days get shorter it is yet again the time of misty mornings and cold days that make one want to stay home cuddled up in bed with a warming mug of freshly brewed tea. 

This year I decided to take the coziness with me outside in shape of the incredible invention that is the faux fur jacket. I have always had a soft spot for clothing items that make you look and feel like a fluffy cloud, even better when items like that become socially acceptable to be worn outside. Not that I ever cared what people thought was socially acceptable but you get the gist

November is that amazing time inbetween Halloween madness and freezing Christmas evenings and in the last couple years I have come to love the gloomy time of transition, when it’s not quite the right moment to jam along to „All I want for Christmas“ in the car and the sugar overload experienced towards the end of October. I might be pulling a proper white girl with this but let’s be honest, there’s no November without having overpriced Pumpkin Spice Lattes in crowded coffeeshops with bad WiFi while the fog outside turns the world into a dusky place of pre-wintery wonders. 

It’s also the time of the year in which I enjoy getting lost in poetry and books the most and in which my journal is filled with quite a bit of self-written material. I guess it’s the atmosphere and the chilly November breezes that make this time of the year so special for me.




Whole Outfit (coat, headband, jumper, skirt, shoes): Zara
Get The Look: 



Sweater (sold out)


Shoes (sold out)

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