Off-Shoulder Elegance.

After April mostly being rather unpleasant in terms of weather conditions, taking it to the level where I had to get out my winter coats once again, I was more than relieved when May greeted us with open arms and amazing weather. 
Lately I have found myself getting rather bored by constantly wearing numerous variations of skinny jeans, which is why I gladly and gratefully embraced the current move towards slightly more experimental types of trousers. Fabrics like linen and silk are not only rather comfortable to wear, they also radiate an easy-going everyday elegance that can enhance a look immediately. Another advantage of these types of trousers is that they can both be dressed up and down, depending on the event they are worn to. Loafers or heels are a perfect addition to the overall look and not much additional accessories are needed to complement it as especially the trousers function as a statement piece themselves.

Trousers: H&M; Bodysuit: Club L; Shoes: New Look; Glasses: Ray Ban


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