Pinstripes, Heels and Misty Fridays.

Even though weather has undoubtedly improved and we’re heading towards proper spring weather with huge steps, sometimes there’s still those misty, gloomy days that always inspire me to take long, extended walks in the area of my parents’ home. In the outer borrows of the city I grew up in I almost feel like I am being taken back in time, back to the wondrous, carefree days of my childhood, in which the only thing that bothered me was if there was ice cream at home after spending the day outside. Although I’m almost 22 I still enjoy coming back to my parents’ home as it’s always a chance for me to root myself and find a tiny bit of peace of mind during stressful times.  I might be a traveller at heart and my mind and soul have found their home from home in London years ago but I still won’t ever forget where I come from, which is truly the most important thing. 
Because great things can only be achieved when your roots keep you strong and down to earth.

Spending holidays such as Easter at my parents’ place always makes me feel quite nostalgic which resembles the choices of my outfits. I tend to opt for comfortable and casual clothing a lot more than usual even though I have started to mix casual pieces with elegant pieces as my style has developed to being a lot more elegantly orientated. The casual trousers that may remind of sweatpants in terms of their shape are given an elegant touch by pinstripes covering the fabric. The comfortable combination of a simple, grey sweater and the trousers is a opposition to the laced heels but the pieces still don’t contradict themselves. 

Trousers: Zara, Sweater: River Island, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: New Look

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