Day 29 of Quarantine.

Day 29 of not being able to see my family, my friends, all those people I carry so much love in my heart for.

Day 29 of wondering, how it’s gonna be. The future. The „After“.

I have been thinking about how my outlook on life used to be before the world came crashing down on us. And I realised, even though I have always been grateful and appreciative of what I have, I still took certain things for granted. The little things that in retrospect mean so much and are so incredibly relevant in the grande scheme that is our lives.

After weeks of being in quarantine due to corona virus and secluded from all the people who have shaped my life into this amazing adventure I have been gifted to live in, I realised something else. This might be the toughest challenge most of us have faced in their life and it might feel like it’s going to last forever, but it’s also a chance for us to come out of it with a new perspective. A new perception of life – and how precious it really is.


I have always been a person who tends to see the beauty of life in the tiniest things, even if it’s just a ray of sunshine tickling your nose in the morning or the smell of freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday afternoon. A hug you receive from your best friend or a kiss you steal from your significant other when they thoughtfully look out of the window. But we get so caught up in our busy schedules that we forget that none of these things are a given.

We live from hour to hour, day to day and get lost in all the plans we make – and in the middle of it we forget about the beauty of simplicity, The simplicity of a smile, loving words and the amazing feeling of feeling loved, needed and at peace with your heart. And in order to really see how blessed we are when we get on an airplane, travel the world or see our favourite artists in concerts, we need to start appreciating those little moments more.

Feeling More Alive

We talk about what we’re going to do once this is all over but does it really matter what we do as long as we get to do it with the people who mean most to us? Because, at the end of the day it’s them who make life so much more worth living. Who make the grass look greener and the sun shine brighter. Feeling trapped might drive you insane right now, makes you feel as if you’re running in circles but the truth is – we’ll get through this.

Protecting Us and the World.

Powering through is so essential right now. For us. For those who are at risk. For our world to stay intact even though it’s crumbling. But when we finally get out of the tunnel, we’ll feel even more alive.

And those cups of coffee in the sun, those picnics in the park and those nights turned to days will suddenly become moments you cherish as much as those travels to the beaches on the other side of the world.

Not Losing Hope During Quarantine

Staying positive in such a crisis situation is difficult and something almost impossible to demand of somebody. But here’s a couple tips in order to keep a positive mindset during quarantine.

  • Remind yourself who you’re doing it for.
  • Write down 5 things you’ve been grateful for that day
  • Don’t let social media pressure you into filling your schedule with activities. Do what feels good for YOU.
  • Avoid checking the media for new news every hour in order to not feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information.
  • Talk to your friends and family on the phone, tell them when you feel low.
  • Do things that make you happy, maybe pick up a hobby you haven’t had time for in a long time.
  • Take your time. Do self-care. Read. Sleep. Eat. Take a walk.
  • Write down your thoughts every night. Cry if you feel the need to. Being overwhelmed is normal.
  • Calm your mind.

Also, here’s a quarantine playlist to cheer you up with a couple of my current faves I will continue to update.

And don’t forget: Life will fall into place again. And we will be alright.

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