Stripes, Culottes and My New Job

A lot of things have yet again changed in my life. I just finished my penultimate year at uni, preparing myself for the adventure named Manchester which is starting in September. 
For the summer months I started working for one of my country’s biggest newspapers taking the first important steps towards my goal of working as an editor and journalist full time. I’ve worked for the newspaper for two weeks now and already feel like I’ve been a part of the team for years. It’s one of those times in life in which you realise that you’ve found your profession, the one thing that doesn’t only make you happy but is also something you’re genuinely good at. 
To make a good impression at my first huge event I decided to go for a pair of classic striped culottes and a grey bodysuit which is not only extremely comfortable but also radiates an edgy elegance. The laced shoes just add to the vibes the outfit is delivering.
Admittedly, I felt quite anxious before heading to the event at first because I knew I was going to meet people who have been in show business for ages and are insanely experienced and I literally just started taking my first baby steps into this strange world I actually feel really comfortable in.
I feel insanely honoured to already be trusted with managing big articles and huge events like the music show I was sent to today. I also feel so blessed to get the chance to meet and spend time with people like Mark Forster, Thorsteinn Einarsson and Alvaro Soler who have been nothing but kind to me. I find it highly impressive when artists as big as those I have just mentioned are still so down to earth and easy to talk to. They have made it a lot easier for me to feel comfortable with what I’m doing. 

In conclusion, all I can say is that no matter what happens, as long as you do what you love and makes you happy nothing can ever happen to you. There may be ups and downs but as long as you keep focussed and chase your dreams, you will find your way. It’s all about hard work, dedication and a hint of luck. 

Culottes: Zara; Bodysuit: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: New Look
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