Sorting out one’s wardrobe is essential and should be manifested in everyone’s schedule at least twice each year. Admittedly, there are definitely things more enjoyable than digging through piles of clothing, trying to decide on what to keep and what to toss. I consider season change the perfect occasion to find out what has been lying deeply hidden in the depths of my drawers for quite some time undeniably collecting dust.

Raiding through one’s wardrobe is a generally unpleasant piece of work to do but after looking at the finished result you will be glad that you convinced yourself to do it. Not only are you creating new room for new pieces for the upcoming season, you will also be able to either make someone happy by donating your clothes or surprise your bank account by selling the items on flee markets or various second hand clothing websites.

Following a system

When re-adjusting my wardrobe I tend to follow a certain system in order to keep things organised and stay on top of things. Additionally, every unpleasant task is easier to bear when there’s music playing in the background which is why I tend to turn up the volume on my record player and jam to my favourite vinyls while categorising my clothes.

Generally, I tend to just go through my wardrobe in sections. As I have organised my clothes by colour and purpose, sorting out the pieces I don’t necessarifun experience I often invite a friend over to have someone to chat with and debate over whether to keep a piece or not, and when there’s a glass of wine or two involved, sorting out clothes doesn’t seem like such a bad way of spending your free time anymore.
ly wear anymore does get undeniably easier. I take out all the clothes of one particular section and place everything in front of me to get a quick overview.  To make decluttering a

After displaying everything on the bed I usually just categorise the items into three sections: Keep, Toss and Uncertain. Especially in terms of the „Uncertain“ pile I always rely on the honest opinions of my friends or my mum (because there’s literally not a person more honest than my mum).
This process is repeated with the rest of the sections in my wardrobe until I have compiled all the clothes that have exceeded their life span in my wardrobe.

Donating, Selling or Reusing?

Obviously, not every tossed item in your wardrobe is worth being sold or donated. When selling items online or on a flee market, it’s important that the pieces are reasonably priced and match the condition and quality of it. When donating, it’s less important that the pieces are branded or high maintenance, but should always be intact and wearable. I sometimes notice people carelessly throwing ragged, old clothing that is ready for the bin into charity bins and it has me fuming inside every time because just because a person might be dependent of clothes given to charity does not equal them wanting to wear clothes which should rather be recycled and used as cleaning rag.

Especially old, worn out and ripped cotton shirts can easily be turned into cleaning wipes by simply cutting them into squares which is what I have done multiple times already. After usage you can simply put the rags into the washing machine and reuse them again. That way you created something new and useful out of old pieces of clothing.

I personally love donating my clothes as I often keep my clothes for several years and at some point I am aware that pieces have gone out of style or show signs of usage and just wouldn’t be bought if I tried to sell them. When their condition is still fine, I generally drop the clothes off at Second Hand Stores or charity shops that support locals who have low income. That way I can get rid of some pieces in my wardrobe and help people in the process.

We are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world that is shaped by general wealth and access to all the important things needed to lead a life without restriction in terms of health care, food supply and material goods. What we aren’t allowed to forget and overlook is that even though we live within a thriving economy, wealth always comes with poverty as well. Which is why supporting local charities is highly important to give people a chance to find their way back into society. Donating clothes you don’t need anymore but are in good condition might help a family to provide their adolescent children with clothes for school or work experience and job applications.

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