>>You read and write and sing and experience, thinking 
that one day these things will build the character you admire to live as. 
You love and lose and bleed best you can, to the extreme, hoping that one day the world will read you 
like the poem you want to be…<<
Charlotte Eriksson
When you grow up, everything turns into a frightening, formidable ocean of challenges, one bigger than the former. You are forced into deciding what you want, who you want to be and what would be best to change about yourself in order to become the person you’re aiming to be – when you don’t even know for sure who you are right now, in this particular moment, during this particular heart beat. 
The world comes crashing down while you’re desperately trying to breathe, trying not to drown in the emotions coming with the challenges society bombards you with, expecting that you’ll take them smoothly. 
But then you take a step back, take a deep breath and lock the world’s unbearable noise out, so the only sound ringing in your head is your inner voice, whispering shyly and telling you what is best for you. And that is the voice that has to be listened to. Because it’s the voice of your heart. 
One thing about growing up, and growing older, unfortunately, is that you stop trying to please everyone else but yourself. Most people are too busy convincing themselves that what others have planned for them is the right choice to go for that they have forgotten how it works to just listen to what their heart tells them to do. 
I sometimes wonder where I would have ended up if I had listened to other people’s advice regarding my life choices. I would probably be spending my evenings wondering how it would have been if I had actually done what I have passion for, and kicked myself for it. 
If I paraphrased the descriptions of apparent adulthood I have received in the last few years by several supposed adolescent people, I would have to tell you that growing up means ending up in a job that you don’t like, doing things that you don’t like, living a life that you like even less. Back when I was eighteen, such descriptions scared the living hell out of me. Because apparently, there’s no room for dreamers like me, who dare think outside the box. 
That was basically the moment I told myself I would word my definition of Growing Up myself. That was also the moment I started to figure out who I actually was and even more importantly, who I actually wanted to be. 
Growing Up is about keeping your inner child alive, letting yourself have those moments of utter childish joy paired with unstoppable laughter. 
Growing Up is about experiencing your boundaries and gladly step over them to find an even bette version of your already stunning self. 
Growing Up is about redefining the world as you wish. We are not made to be forced into society’s stereotypes. That’s what defines us as individuals. 
Growing Up is about believing in your skills and abilities and trusting your capability to decide what is best for you.
Growing Up is about exploring the world, visiting the most beautiful and breathtaking places and widen your horizon with every step you take. 
Growing Up is about developing your own opinion regarding all kinds of topics in the world. We are not made to be forced into believing something we don’t support 100%.
Growing Up is living your dreams. When we are young, they tell us that everything in the world is possible if we just try hard enough and believe in ourselves. Why should that change just because we aren’t toddlers in kindergarten anymore?
Growing Up is about finding your feet. Find out where your roots are and your branches will be able to grow straight up to the sky.
Growing Up is about realising that you need to feel comfortable with yourself at first in order to make others feel comfortable in your environment.
Growing Up is about loving, living, dreaming as much and as hard as you can. Only deeply felt emotions will turn into being the best stories grandparents are telling their grandchildren while sitting in their rocking chairs. 
Growing Up is about passion. It’s about a deep dedication not only towards life but also towards the things we’re doing while living. Make seemingly impossible things possible. 
Because life’s a miracle.

And so is growing up. 

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