Bare Feet on Sand

I saw from the beach 
I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining, 
A bark o’er the waters move gloriously on; 
I came when the sun o’er that beach was declining, 
The bark was still there, but the waters were gone. 
And such is the fate of our life’s early promise, 
So passing the spring-tide of joy we have known; 
Each wave that we danced on at morning ebbs from us, 
And leaves us, at eve, on the bleak shore alone. 
Oh, who would not welcome that moment’s returning 
When passion first waked a new life through his frame, 
And his soul, like the wood that grows precious in burning, 
Gave out all its sweets to love’s exquisite flame. 
Thomas Moore 
When you breathe in the breezy air carrying salty winds from the ocean towards the coast, you suddenly feel carried away into a small paradise of white sand moving beneath your feet like an actual living creature, memorising your footsteps only until the next wave meets the shore and washes them away like a hasty memory. The calming noise of unsteady water colliding with a sea of grains of sand is soothing for a stressed mind and the sun, heating up bare skin, makes the water surface glitter like diamonds set into liquid.
Bare feet meet hot sand and cooling water. 
The perfect symbiosis of water and earth.

A paradise for itself.

Dress: H&M ; Hat: H&M ; Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger 

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