Blackpool Diary – A Day at the Shore.

Blackpool is one of those picturesque places you come to and don’t easily forget anymore. Located just by the sea in the heart of Lancashire, the town presents itself with an astoundingly beautiful seaside you just want to enjoy all day. 
Pleasure Beach is an amusement park that is worth the 30 pounds for a whole day. I overcame my insane fear of high roller coasters but not without losing my voice while screaming my heart out.
I witnessed the power of ebb and flow, got to walk beneath massive piers and had to be scared of seagulls potentially pooping on me. 
Infinite horizon spreading in front of you, accompanied by the steady, calming sound of the waves – never could I ever think of anything better. 
(pictures: ©MomentousMoments 2016)

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