Fall & Sweater Dresses.

Fall has arrived once more and we’re back to gloomy, foggy mornings, autumnal colours and unpredictable weather. Especially for fashion lovers autumn creates a heavenly space to expand the definition of layering and create different looks by combining multiple pieces together that wouldn’t serve the purpose of keeping us warm on their own. It’s not only the weather but also the majorly reddish, orangey colours of nature that fuel the urge to not only be warm but also comfortable throughout the day and enable us to pretend being snuggled up in bed with a steaming cup of our favourite tea and a good book resting in our lap. This year’s fall fashion is a saviour in terms of delivering comfortable and cozy opportunities to dress and make it through a rough, windy and cold autumn day. Fashion has once revived the term “sweater weather” and created a lot more elegant option than the casual sweater/jeans combination. 
The sweater dress has turned out to be a must have in every wardrobe as it’s not only basically a wearable blanket but additionally a weather resistent alternative for dress lovers who are already wishing summer to come back. Combined with a pair of overknees or simple ankle boots, a casual but still elegant look is created. Depending on personal preference, the sweater dress is perfect to be paired with a vintage leather jacket or a cute coat. My latest purchase was a turtle neck sweater dress in a stunning olive green, which I fell in love with while exploring one of my new favourite stores I have come across here in Manchester. The fabric is soft and warm but not too thick, which makes it perfect for unpredictable English weather. &otherStories’ autumn collection offers a wide range of autumn colours and pieces made of high quality fabrics. I must admit that it is a brand that tends to be more expensive but it is totally worth the money. If I had to compare their clothing range with other of my favourite brands, I would describe them as a combination of YSL, Acne and Zara, offering not only basics but also unique prints and extraordinary cuts. 

Dress: &otherStories; Shoes: Zara; Scarf & Tights: H&M; Coat: Rich & Royal
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