Cape-like Coats & Glitter Boots

Two weeks ago I went on a weekend trip to Vienna to stock up my autumn wardrobe as it is almost time to get out the cozy sweaters and comfortable boots again to welcome my personal favourite time of the year. Autumn never ceases to amaze me with its bright, shining, reddish colours and also fashion wise the season offers you so much more opportunities concerning layering and mixing textures and patterns than summer. Autumn is the time you still don’t need to get too wrapped up in warming clothes as the sun still gives enough warmth for us to be able to enjoy the time outside in casual, sheerly layered pieces. 
As I have always had a slight obsession for unique patterns and exceptional designs I immediately fell in love with Zara’s new, black, glittery Chelsea boots which add a bit of glamour to every grey-blackish autumn outfit and are best to wear with restrained pieces as they are definitely meant to be an outfit’s highlight. I combined them with a cape-shaped, dark grey coat that is perfect for chilly autumn days and comes with detachable, black faux fur details at the collar. 

Especially now, during Fashion Week season, it’s important to embrace the latest trends and pick out what suits your personality to make the best impression not only on fashion events but also in daily life. This year’s autumn collection of Zara represents a perfect symbiosis between fresh casualness and mature elegance and offers a wide range of different styles and I can’t wait to further explore their collection.

A big thank you to Zara for providing me this incredible outfit I absolutely adore. It will be a pleasure to wear during London Fashion Week this year as I’ll be going to London in less than two weeks.

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(all the pictures are mine and the brand is mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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