Portobello and Nottingham are a thriving, beautifully lively part of London I always love to visit whenever I get to spend some time in my favourite city in the entire world. The fluent transition from clean, white terraces to the uniquely painted, bright and colourful houses of Portobello Road and its market never ceases to amaze me and blows my mind again and again. 
Strolling through Portobello Road, passing market stalls and watching busy marketeers trying to sell their goods is equally inspiring and fascinating and not only once did I find myself stopping at a stall selling items like vintage cameras or old, worn down poetry books and iconic vinyls, which all have their own history to tell. I have always had a soft spot for things like this as it gives me the feeling of wanting to continue their story, spun further through generations, handed on from one owner to the other. 

The street encloses the soul and the heart of the city, unique and extraordinary, unusual and uncommon but still so perfectly involved into the cityscape that you don’t even recognise when you’re leaving the ordinary world for some time to travel through a sphere that defines life differently. 

Boots: d’Ambrosio; Jeans, Blazer & Top: H&M, Coat: Zara, Bag: River Island 

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(all the pictures are mine, the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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