Chokers and Beads.

If someone had asked me a couple years ago which kind of jewellery I was into, my answer would have contained adjectives such as large, heavy and extravagant. We’ve all been through that phase in which we wore heavy statement necklaces and large, strangely coloured hoops that I still have no explanation to why they found their way into my jewellery casket. I am bringing this up mainly because I have recently stumbled across old pictures of my best friend and I from when we were both innocent 15 and my non-existent sense of fashion during that period of my life genuinely put me in a bit of a shock. It is relieving, however, knowing that life gives you time to grow, to experience and to find yourself in every possible area of your life and if it only concerns the way you present yourself to the world. 

Now, seven years later, I have not only gained experience but I have also developed a different appreciation of life in general and this is what I am also trying to reflect in the way I dress. Whereas I always considered it so important that accessories are seen and have to be colourful, bright and big to make an impression when I was younger, I have come to the conclusion that that is not the case at all. I have grown to love dainty, small and fragile jewellery as it subconsciously represents the breakable, but extraordinarily precious parts of what we are. Jewellery is worn best whenever it’s subtle but still has the power to attract attention. It underlines the effect of the outfit but doesn’t overtake it. 

Made By Mel provided me with the most amazing set of pieces that I will proudly wear with my upcoming spring and summer outfits and combines all the factors I enjoy most about jewellery. The beaded bracelets are beautifully made and especially the combination of white beads and rose gold details is something that can be easily combined with other elegant jewellery to create a feminine look. 

As a lover of chokers I have found myself to be very picky when deciding which chokers I am willing to wear. Made By Mel offers a huge variety of different types of chokers which means there should be something for everyone. My personal favourites are the black, wattled flower choker as well as the golden pearl choker which I personally have already worn multiple times. The fit is perfect and the choker can easily be layered with other slightly longer, dainty necklaces which creates a remarkable look. 

Chokers & Beaded Bracelets: Made By Mel*; Golden Bracelet: Hofring


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