Sunnies, Braids and Comfy Sweaters.

There are those days in life on which we couldn’t care less about dressing up and trying to create a look that makes heads turn on the streets. Sometimes not only our minds need detoxing and relaxation, our physical being does as well crave well deserved, laid back quality time. 
Most people’s definition of chilled, cozy outfits involves a pair of sweatpants to get into the right mood. Sweatpants have found their way back into fashion in the last two years by designers creating street wear pieces with a certain edge, which has resulted in an increased acceptance amongst the general public when it comes to wearing them as an everyday look. 

I still believe, however, that comfort mustn’t necessarily be connected to sweatpants. Chilled outfits can already be created by combining trousers in a soft, cozy fabric with an oversized sweater in a colour and fabric of choice. Finished off with a pair of sneakers that fit the colour scheme of the outfit, a relaxed every day look is achieved. A pair of boxer braids does the job of perfecting the laid back street style look and add an additional bit of comfort. (But, girls, let’s be honest, we mainly braid our hair to get those annoying strands out of the way.) 

Sweater: H&M; Shoes: Nike; Trousers: Zara; Choker: JohnnyLovesRosie; Glasses: Ray-Ban


(pictures are ©TheStylePolaroid 2017, the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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