The rest of the year always passes by within the seeming blink of an eye – but January always feels like a century of its own. Grey days on end with a sudden hint of sunshine every now and then are not only tearing on one’s motivation, that lack of vitamin D makes you feel all tired and generally exhausted as well. 

Which is why I try to at least brighten up my day with outfits that remind me of the upcoming spring and the seasons ahead that bring sunshine and joy. I’m not gonna lie, black and white dominates my winter wardrobe but I’ve recently come across some pieces that not only make me crave spring but also make grey winter days seem automatically brighter. One still can’t simply wish the cold away but one can at least try spread some spring vibes here and there. Without having to freeze obviously. 

Coat: Topshop; Shirt: H&M; Jeans: Topshop; Shoes: Prada

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