40 hours of work every week AND handling my very last semester at uni at the same time. Sounds insane? Believe me, IT IS. More than once in the last couple months I have questioned whether this pace of life is still healthy or if I might have already become a caffeine driven zombie holding on to the very last bit of life. I have come to the conclusion that there’s moments where it undeniably is a rather unhealthy way of living one’s life and if I hadn’t figured out a strategy to keep myself going I’d have probally already cried in a corner somewhere pitying myself, while pathetically rocking back and forth.

But that’s not me. I am not a person who pities themselves. I am a person that gets stuff done. Which is probably the reason why I have survived until now with no damage other than the occasional lack of sleep.

I would have never thought I would end up in a position in which I would have to balance a full time job and my academic educational career because I always thought being employed at a newspaper or magazine is a dream I was still miles away from actually living. Turns out, all the unpaid, voluntary internships I did while still bein a full time uni student had quite an impact on me now being the youngest fully employed editor at a newspaper that has a circulation of a freaking QUARTER MILLION readers. I really think that has been one of the very rare moments in my life so far in which was utterly and entirely mindblown. And if I might add, it made me be rather proud of myself.
Being proud of yourself is also essential when it comes to handling stressful situations. It might not take the pressure away but it makes you feel good and content within yourself.

There’ll come a day when it’s all over

Balancing both a job and uni doesn’t come easy. For a period of time you have to step back and put your social life second. Not for long and you should allow yourself to take breaks, but getting things done also demands spending precious free time on work you sometimes don’t really want to do. I assume everyone can think of a better way of enjoying the little time after a day of work than spending it at home revising for upcoming exams. But: You’re working towards something, and that’s what should keep you going. One day more, one day closer to the finish line.

Discipline is the key, as difficult as it is.

All it really takes is time management and a large amount of discipline. When deadlines come closer it is important to not let your mind trick you into telling you that you’re tired and exhausted, positive thinking really is the key to success. If you keep reminding yourself that this pressure lasts a limited amount of time and that you’ll get to enjoy life even more after it’s all over, it will be a game changer.

Eat, sleep and keep track of your routine.

What helps is not only trying to maintain a routine when it comes to eating and sleeping  but trying to schedule your work load in a calendar will help you keep track of the list of tasks you have to do.
And never lose sight of your GOAL.

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