Ever since I started working full time, weekends have become a time I cherish. Meeting friends, going out for breakfast or lunch, strolling through the city centre, going on an adventure and just enjoying life has turned into something rather special because of the little spare time life offers you. For these special occasions I try to come up with not only comfortable but stylish ways of displaying my style and extraordinarily patterned trousers are a part of my personal fashion-go-to just as much as one of my various hats.

A large amount of my trouser collection consists of patterned items in all shapes and colours, simply because I think that mixing a good quality pair of trousers with a plain t-shirt or blouse immediately turns a simple outfit into an actual look. What I had been missing in my wardrobe were trousers with a gingham print and the perfect fit. Gingham has been on my radar for quite a while but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not only a challenge but also highly important and healthy for one’s personal growth and becoming a stronger, more confident person already starts with small things such as daring to step up your style game a notch every once in a while. 

Courage and confidence that is won in a certain area can easily be used in every other part of daily life as well. Most people are too scared to take a step forward and give themselves the chance to outgrow themselves because their anxiety stops them or society makes them believe that they will never amount to anything. Trying something new shouldn’t be about anyone but oneself. People still care too much about what their environment thinks of them but at the end of the day all that counts is how one felt within themselves.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger; Trousers: Zara; Bag: Mango, Shoes: River Island

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