The following text was inspired by the movie/book „Love, Simon“ or „Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda“ and the fact that it is Pride Month. No matter if one is part of the LGBT community or not, supporting it and standing up for human rights is something I will always get behind and speak up for because we all deserve support and appreciation when it comes to things that are important to us.

This is about love. About all kinds of love. About love as a force, love as a magnet, love as a 
keeper, a rock and the wild sea shaking the shore in its core. About how love is diverse and different and something that has been attempted to be described but has never been fully mastered. About love as something that is the closest thing to actual magic that humanity knows. Because as much as people have tried, the answer has never really been found – why love is stronger than any force on earth. 

When looking at the generation I’m growing up in, I look at a powerful group of human beings, full of bright ideas and visionary minds. Open minded and curious, accepting and courageous, willing to stand up for their own beliefs. And within this bright community with a better future in their minds and hearts, within this force, something new was created. Lives full of pride, reckless strength and new found confidence. 

This month the world celebrates those who have been thought different for as long as records reach back, those who have had to face boundaries and hatred, injustice and resentment. They used to live their lives silent, or were immediately shut down, they have had to fight for what’s right and for a world without inequality. 

Who are we to define what love really is a force that is more than we will ever be. We don’t get to decide who we love and who we don’t, the only thing that does in the end is our heart all along. Love is diverse, a spectrum we can impossibly grasp, so who are we to decide for someone other than ourselves. Love doesn’t come easy for anyone on earth, it’s a challenge and adventure, sometimes makes our hearts burn. 

The beauty of this moment, the time that we’re in, is that it’s our turn to change it and unite forces within. Because what I notice more and more amongst my peers is astounding support for each other and those we’re in love with. 

I have to be frank and rather honest too, I did indeed have to educate myself on LGBT matters and everything that’s involved because as sad as it is, standing on the outside sometimes makes you oblivious to what people go through. It’s still a privilege of the straight to step outside and just BE and only the friends I have made over the last couple of years who are an active part have actually opened my eyes about  the real issues they have to deal with. 

But even though life for them is still hard, as I mentioned before, times are slowly changing. People are open about who they really are, encouraged by a world that’s started to accept. Accept that love is diverse and not just black and white, a rainbow of people, quite literally. Although this has not been my fight I feel like everyone should stand up, stand up for what’s right and for a bright future to come.

In the end it’s all love, no matter what kind, love doesn’t change or differentiate. We love who we love with all its beauty and pride, so why don’t we all stand together and unite as what we are in the end: An incredible  bunch of humans growing up in a world full of diversity and beauty. To end this with a quote of a person I love: You now have the chance to be whoever you wanna be. 

To love. To diversity. To an open minded world.
Be proud. Be strong. Be you. Always. 

Happy pride month to all those who have found themselves, are still yet to find themselves or are just in it to support it for the long run. 

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