There are points in life where you have to let go of something familiar, something you were used to and something you only subconsciously appreciated because you never thought about something being able to change. 
But change is part of our lives, it’s always present because every decision we make somehow defines our future and what is going to happen next. Change is not a bad thing at all, it much rather gives us the opportunity to explore another part of our self that hasn’t even been discovered before probably. Some people are scared of change, but noone should be. I rather suggest welcoming change with open arms, being curious about what adventure life’s going to come up with next. 
The biggest change of my life until now happened last year in September, more precisely, the beginning of October. I had started going to university back then and it was the first time I seriously had to take care of myself. It was hard work and needed some time to get used to but I think I’ve arranged myself quite well because now It’s been a year since I left home for good. I still get back to my home town and my parents’ place a lot, and I still consider it home, but there’s another place now which I consider home as well, as I spend the majority of my life in my university town. 
What is home? 
Home can be literally anywhere. It basically doesn’t matter where you go, if you have people there who you truly love and who make you forget about time, then it’s already home. As long as you feel settled and comfortable within your environment, if your surroundings, no matter if it’s people or just plain landscape, make you feel like you don’t wanna leave anymore, then it’s home. 
People fill an empty place with the beat of life, make it their own, and fill it with an atmosphere of comfortableness and cosiness. Even when you leave, a part of your soul and your heart always stays there, connected to a room or place, a bond that could never be broken, because it was you who made that place come alive, with bits and pieces of yourself and your memories. 

The advantage of living in your own place is that you can basically do whatever you want, which means that also the decoration is completely up to you. I’m not keen on having too much useless stuff in my room as it just collects dust on the shelves and that’s not the purpose of decoration. I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with interior design and so I happen to always have ideas on my mind of what I could change about my room to make it look perfect. I’m in love with small accessories which are well placed and on point because it’s majorly the little things which make the difference in the end. The motto is: Never too much but the right dose.

I tend to keep my work space quite clean as it annoys and distracts me from work when my folders are all over the place. Even though my desk is supposed to be my place to work on and be productive, I personally still need a somewhat comfortable atmosphere to be fully focused and concentrated. I’m always having troubles with keeping my mess somehow sorted so I always need to remind myself to sort the piles of papers I collect within a week of uni into my folders otherwise they’d probably get lost within two weeks. 

My bed is kind of my safe heaven. After a tough day I throw myself into the pillows and snuggle down in them and am just the happiest person alive. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and that’s probably the reason why I wanted to turn my room into some sort of my personal wonderland of fairy lights, pillows, scented candles and flowers. Probably won’t be able to do that anymore once I’m moving in with my presently non existent boyfriend in the future so why not take advantage of my single situation?
I still try to keep it classy though as I’m not a fan of all that pink, stereotypic, girly stuff. If people are, that’s completely ok, because individuality is one of the most essential qualities nowadays, but it would probably drive me insane if I was forced into staying in a completely pink furnished room. 

Anyway, to come to an end I want to get back to the whole definition of home again. 
We, who are able to have access to a space we can use to seclude ourselves from the challenges and difficulties of the world, should feel so incredibly lucky as a large amount of people in this world will never have the chance to step into a room filled with love, life and memories. 

Appreciate everything you have and create your own individual, perfect home you can just let yourself fall into, with all the people you love and all the memories you want to share and create with them.

Loads of love, 
        MoMo xX

Items shown in pictures:
– mostly IKEA 
(all the pictures are mine, credits to IKEA for my furniture and most of my interior design) 

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