My Hair Loves „The Body Shop“ Apparently

Today’s blog post will be going back to a more beauty focussed topic, more specifically, I’ll be talking about some absolutely incredible hair products which I have been using lately and which have made my hair softer and silkier than they’ve ever been before. 
I always used to struggle quite a lot with my hair structure as it always tended to look quite damaged due to the natural waves I have. In addition, I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 14   which doesn’t quite contribute to a healthy hair structure. Since I’ve started bleaching the tips of my hair last year to get an ombre effect it has only gotten worse.
In the last couple of years I’ve tried out a lot of different products from different brands and have also approached my hairdresser for advice but none of the products I used have actually helped improving my hair structure. Back in May I had to cut the last 15 cm of my hair as they were nothing but spliss ends anymore, which made me realize that I had to change the way of maintaining my hear drastically.
For my birthday in June, a very good friend of mine got me an absolutely wicked body treatment box from „The Body Shop“ containing body peeling and bath salt, as well as a range of shampoo, conditioner and hair butter especially made for damaged and coloured hair in a scent called „Rainforest Radiance“
After using it for the first time I was impressed how silky my hair already felt before I had even blow dried it. Since I’ve been taking a lot more care of my hair recently, I’m trying to keep the heat of my blow dryer relatively low to put my hair under the least heat possible as too much heat makes my hair look dried out and unhealthy. 
I’m also using a heat protection spray from „Glem Vital“ to help keeping the hair structure healthy and strong. 
To contribute to my natural waves I tend to use a rather big round brush as well as a brush especially made to comb wet hair without leaving annoying knots in your hair which hurt when you brush through them with a normal brush. 
I have to say I’m so much happier with my hair since I’ve started using these products and the scent is also quite nice and gives a really enjoyable smell to your hair. If you tend to easily get or have damaged hair or just want to prevent spliss ends in advance I would highly recommend these products. I am aware that they are not in the cheapest price category but I think healthy looking hair is worth spending a bit more money on because healthy hair can also give you a little boost regarding your self esteem as hair is a rather important part of our appearance. 

I hope you enjoyed this rather short, little blog post and don’t hesitate to ask if any questions occur.

Loads of love,
           Momo xX 
(all the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned within the text) 

2 Replies to “My Hair Loves „The Body Shop“ Apparently

  1. They are honestly so incredibly soothing for my hair, I was so impressed! Even though I tried to combine the hair butter with other shampoo and conditioning products as well and it worked absolutely well too! x

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