Film is a modern form of art that has only existed for a little more than a century and has already become one of the most important ways of expressing the thoughts and visions of creative minds. Especially in the last couple years film has become a genre which is used by humans to subtly criticise human life and modern society. Because how to better confront humanity with its flaws and faults than putting it on a screen, turning it into a seemingly fictive story. 

While popular faces of the movie industry seem to become increasingly restricted in their ways of working simply because they’re exposed to continuous pressure from the Hollywood movie industry, independent actors and directors have been taking their chances to create masterpieces and moving works of art on a white canvas, telling stories about the common tragedies of life and the strength living demands of you. 

This year’s academy award nominees included a list of multiple breathtakingly beautiful movies with a capturing back story such as Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name and Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. Story lines conveying a message within a scenery equalling art and representing life’s beauty while simultaneously criticising what is wrong in the world. Story lines full of strong characters and impressive character development have risen from the grounds as they fulfil a rather special purpose – subtly teaching people about the hypocrisy of modern society. 

“If you can’t get them to listen, make them see” seems to have become the motto of young actors and directors who use their platforms to get their messages, sorrows and worries across. Not only do I consider this a rather effective way of making people see their own mistakes, it is also inspiring and impressive how much effort and passion is put into these works of art that need to be appreciated more. 

After attending the Festival of Austrian Film I am even more convinced that young directors and independent movies inherit a power one is not allowed to underestimate. Film has the ability to capture one’s mind and emotions and can manipulate the mind in both good and bad ways. Giving movies a chance that didn’t evolve out of the pressured world of mainstream film is not only a challenge for the own mind and way of thinking but also challenges oneself to question our society and think about modern life’s issues even more. 

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