A week ago everyone was in complete and genuine bliss when spring seemed to have finally overpowered one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced, only to be shut down a couple of days later by another wave of unbearable cold and more snow. At this point I genuinely think that I have forgotten what warmth and sunshine feel like and the lack of vitamin D is starting to affect my generally rather positive and happy-go-lucky mood. Making the best of what is this never-ending winter I stepped up my layering game because at some point jumpers just don’t do the job anymore. Layering a chique oversized blazer with a warm cotton turtleneck has become a look I am rather fond of as it gives me the feeling of being bundled up but still delivering elegant vibes, which is important in my job. Especially when having a day of meetings and interviews ahead, including one of Austria’s most popular comedians. Save to say I was a bit nervous but he turned out being the most casual and down to earth guy who I chatted with about tour life, his family, broken furniture and the perks of feeling home in more than one place.

I never get tired of emphasising how grateful I am that I get to do what I love most for a living and that apparently I am doing a rather good job at it. It has made me become so incredibly confident in myself, my abilities and my place in this world that I have even started to stop caring about my flaws and weaknesses. It amazes me how much doing something you love changes you as a person and how important it is to accept yourself for who you are. I also believe that my confidence has started to reflect in my attitude and the way I approach the world and people in general. When finding yourself you suddenly find all that you need in the world to feel settled and good as well. Happiness is key.

Trousers: Zara; Turtleneck: H&M; Blazer: Zara; Belt: Asos, Shoes: Missguided


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