Land of the Unpronounceable.

And yet again I was able to explore another part of the island that is known as Great Britain. This time I travelled to the not so far land of North Wales to breathe in the subtle breeze of cold and salty ocean air. In the three months I have lived in Great Britain I have been lucky enough to visit a quite decent number of place all around the UK and the beautiful landscape has never ceased to amaze me. So it did this time. Conwy is a tiny, historic village right where Conwy River enters the Irish Sea. The village is surrounded by a stone wall, a leftover from medieval times, just like Conwy Castle, which is one of the oldest castles in the whole UK. The picturesque landscape with Snowdon Mountain in the not so far distance and the harbour is something you thought you would only find in fairytales, with the water in the bay sparkling beneath the bright November sun. Conwy castle takes you back in time, makes you appreciate your privileges but also makes you believe that everyone can be a princess at heart.
Conwy Castle

Llandudno is not only a town almost impossible for the common foreigner to pronounce, it is also yet another gem on the British island that deserves recognition. For everyone who has ever watched the Gilmore Girls, this town is going to be a Stars Hollow come to life. The beautiful shoreline with the promenade and its posh, colourful houses is flanked by hills constantly attacked by the roaring waves of the Irish Sea and the constant wind that makes your nose turn red from the cold. The pier reaches out into the water and you can smell the salt in the air when you touch the very end. 

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  1. I literally can't even…
    das trifft's wohl am besten, alle deine fotos schaun mega aus, aber die sind einfach atemberaubend, eins schöner als das andere! die könnte man wirklich als wunderschöne postkarten verkaufen ❤

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