Let’s talk the real issues here: If we are being entirely honest with ourselves, we will soon realise that society treats women not only unequal but also with a ludicrously low level of respect. As long as I can remember, the male gender has always been associated with strength, confidence and perseverance. Attributes that are generally attached to women, however, reflect an image I consider rather questionable. Obviously, being kindhearted and loving are characteristics of a human being that are undeniably delightful and can only be wished for, but shouldn’t being kind be something everyone should be anyway? 

If not born into a family with the right mindset that teaches their daughters that they are just as strong, powerful and persistent as mentioned male gender, girls are much too often raised being taught that their mind is less important than their looks. Because looks apparently make girls and women into what they are. Unfortunately and sadly enough, it is not surprising that such a state of mind hasn’t vanished off the earth yet because one look at what is presented to us on a golden plate everyday via various media sources opens one’s eyes immediately. Human mankind is manipulated into believing that people have to look a certain way, otherwise they are not considered pretty. People with glasses or braces are bullied and ridiculed as being different or ugly or weird and on the other hand there’s models on social media being praised for wearing invisible braces they don’t need and fake glasses they don’t need either. Because it’s cool. Because it looks good when you’re popular and famous. Meanwhile, a fourteen year old teenager cries herself to sleep because she feels different and people avoid her because she looks like a nerd. Because she wears glasses and likes books more than she likes humans. And apparently liking the nerds isn’t cool. Being cool is important these days. 

No. It isn’t. What is really important, is ourselves, and everything we are, with all our weaknesses and flaws and chubby tummies and spots and noses that are too big or too pointy or too small. With all our moles and freckles and crooked teeth and bad eyes. 

What is being cool anyway? Being cool is to embrace not only yourself as a person but also the things you enjoy. It took me a long time to stop caring what other people thought about me and the things I like doing most and it made me a much happier person. Once you realise that the way you are is exactly the way you should be, your confidence will find its way to you all by itself. It’s a gradual process that can’t be reached overnight. It takes time and the realisation that the world out there isn’t always the way it’s presented. 

My Life Advice:

Make a list. Whenever someone or something makes you feel bad about yourself take that list and add one thing that you like about yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s something about your looks or a character trait, write it down. Even the tiniest things on the list are relevant because every time the list will grow longer and one day you’ll realise that everything about you is amazing, and beautiful. Humans aren’t required to be perfect in any way. As long as we do what makes us happy, it will reflect in our behaviour and suddenly the world’s opinion won’t matter anymore. You’ll find yourself needing the list less and less, I promise.
Because in the end, we’re all queens inside as long as we embrace them. 

Because fitting in isn’t important. BEING UNIQUE IS.

Fake Fur Jacket: Zara; Jumper: Zara; Jeans: H&M


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