Perfect Pamper Evening…

Do you also have those days where you come home and you just feel completely done with yourself and the world because it was such a hard day and there was so much to do that you couldn’t get your head free for just five minutes?
If so, be sure, you’re not alone because I have those days quite often and they annoy me more than you can actually imagine. It’s like, you’re planning to do all kinds of stuff the whole day and your to-do-list full of things you don’t even want to do just doesn’t get shorter. Frustrating much. 
And then there’s this moment I just have enough, the moment my brain tells me: Give me a break or something bad will happen. 
Don’t take this literally but I’m actually really that kind of person who gets slightly annoyed and obnoxious if there’s too much going on for my brain to take 😛 
Obviously, every person has their own way how to cope with stressful, fully scheduled days but I have this method of getting rid of all the spare energy I have first and afterwards I just relax. 
When you’re all hyped up the whole day, always in a rush and always trying to not lose track of time, your body subconsciously gets used to the adrenaline rushing through your blood all day and he can’t just get rid of it again from one second to the other. 
It takes a while to calm yourself and your body down again and therefore I always start my real, proper pamper evenings with sports. 
Might sound crazy as you come home and feel like there’s absolutely no power left in your body and you feel like you could straightly pass out on your bed but actually the adrenaline in your body is still present and it won’t make you sleep well if you just keep it in. 
Admittedly, it does take a lot of strength to overcome my weaker self but in the end I always know that the effort pays off. Additionally, I got myself this incredibly cool pair of Nike tracksuit trousers which you can see in the picture underneath this paragraph and personally they encourage me a lot to keep going and make the effort to visit the gym. 
As you see, I combine them with either a grey or turkish simple shirt which is actually a size too big as I like it when my clothing’s light during sports. It’s pretty important that you use a sports bra everytime you work out as it just offers a much better support and to be honest, it’s also way more comfortable. Those things don’t even have to be very expensive just look for a piece that fits you perfectly because  that’s the main thing. 
Sports isn’t something that should make you feel bad, it’s something you should genuinely and utterly enjoy. 

(Shirts: both H&M; Shoes: Adidas; Sports bra: Active; Tracksuit trousers: Nike)
Always keep in your mind that it’s all just for fun, there’s no competition behind. As soon as those competitive thoughts appear, the fun decreases massively and you just stop enjoying doing it and that’s absolutely not the goal you should approach and also not the point of a pamper evening as it is there for you to relax and calm down. 
Another important point is that you don’t overestimate yourself in the beginning because I know that some of you tend to do that. I was such a person as well. You go to the gym, you’re watching all those sporty people doing their work out and you want to show them that you’re as good as them. (Suure, you’ve never run more than 10 minutes at a time but you want to compare yourself to people who have done that much longer than you… Sure, Momo, will perfectly work out for you… I don’t think so.. :P) 
So, don’t feel stressed out when you’ve just started, everyone was a beginner at first. Just listen to what your body tells you and don’t push your limits too much in the beginning. You’ll see, after a while, if you do it more often, you’ll feel how your body gets used to the training and you’ll be able to increase your training level pretty fast. 
Didn’t want to believe that first but it really works like this. 😉 
Taking someone with you to training is also a good opportunity to motivate yourself as it is just much more entertaining than when you’re on your own. Just don’t let yourself get too distracted otherwise you’ll end up having a coffee party instead of working out. 😉 
However, when you get back home, you might feel the need to shower that sticky, sweaty feeling of your body that unfortunately appears in connection with sports. 
When I’m having a proper pamper evening I tend to choose a bath over a short shower because it’s just more relaxing and you can completely let your mind drift off while having a bath. 
I went to Lush not a long time ago and they had these amazing bath bombs I’ve been loving so much lately and they had this captivating, spring-like scent and I just felt the need to buy them. 
Lush is quite expensive for a middle class person and for „poor“, always broke students like me, but sometimes I just can’t help myself because the stuff they have is just amazing. 
I went for two bath bombs this time, one of them is called „Think Pink“ and the other one is called „Rose Queen“. 
For this time’s pamper evening I used the one you can see on the left side in the picture, the one with the flowers, which is the „Think Pink“ one. 
You can also see my latest body lotion favourites, which are the „Dove Body Cream“, the „Cacao & Raspberry Bodylotion“ plus a nut flavoured body butter (both from „Yves Rocher“) and my personal favourite, as it was a present from my lovely aunt, the „Our Moment“ Body Lotion by One Direction. I was quite surprised how awesome this body lotion smells. It’s a combination of a kinda sweet, fruity and fresh scent and I really love how it smells when you apply it to your skin. You should definitely give it a try as it fits perfectly to the upcoming spring weather. 

(Bathbombs „Think Pink“ + „Rose Queen“: both Lush; „Cacao & Raspberry Body Lotion“ + body butter: both Yves Rocher; Body Cream: Dove)
After I turned my bath water into a perfectly girly pink wonderland with the bath bomb I tried out something completely new, I’d never tried this before but I’d always wanted to that so I decided to give it a go. 
I made myself this incredible avocado face mask and it worked out absolutely well. It is so easy to do and even though it doesn’t really look quite appealing because of the strange green colour, it works absolutely perfect on your skin. You apply the mask for about 10 minutes and wash it off afterwards and I tell you, my skin has never felt more soft. (I am not gonna post a picture of me with the mask on though because that would be just a disturbing view for everyone and I don’t want you guys to feel uncomfortable xD) 
This is the recipe for the avocado mask: 
(as I told you, it’s really abnormally simple to do)
1 Avocado 
1 a teaspoon full of natural yogurt
1/2 a teaspoon full of honey 
You basically mash the avocado and put a spoonful of the mashed avocado into another small bowl where you mix it up with the yogurt and the honey. Afterwards you mix the content of both bowls together and you’re finished. 

To add a bit of relaxing atmosphere to the fully going on pamper evening I also decorated my bathroom with some candles and put together a playlist of some of my favourite relaxing songs. 
My pamper evening playlist:
All Comes Down – Kodaline
Big Bad World – Kodaline
High Hopes – Kodaline
Love Like This – Kodaline
One Day – Kodaline
Pray – Kodaline
Talk – Kodaline
Home – Kian Egan
Preacher – One Republic
Come Home – One Republic
Au Revoir – One Republic 
Little Things – One Direction
Over Again – One Direction
Truly, Madly, Deeply – One Direction
A Thousand Years Pt. 2 – Christina Perri 
The A Team – Ed Sheeran
Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran
I See Fire – Ed Sheeran
The Book Of Love – Peter Gabriel
The Photograph – Julia Sheer
Satellites – James Blunt
Sleeping To Dream – Jason Mraz
The Longer I Run – Peter Bradley Adams
The Way We Are – Tyler Ward
Wanted – Hunter Hayes 
Let Your Heart Hold Fast – Fort Atlantic
What If – Five For Fighting 
In A Song – Hunter Hayes 
If You Told Me To – Hunter Hayes 
I Want Crazy – Hunter Hayes 
(I just noticed that this list got longer than i expected…)
After that the only thing you need to do is slip into your most comfortable PJ’s and cuddle up in bed with a cup of tea, cacao or whatever else you prefer to drink after a long day. 
Hopefully until next week, loads of love,
MoMo xx 
I’d actually love to know what favourite songs you guys have! Just comment below, I always love to listen to new music. 🙂 
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(All the pictures are mine and the brands shown are mentioned beneath the pictures – credits to the designers) 

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