Spring Look Book

In the last couple of days spring has taken over my place and sent us lovely, absolutely amazing weather, which let me make the decision that it’s time to get myself ready for spring and stock up my closet with loads of fantastic, new spring clothes. 

So, here’s a small insight into my spring wardrobe 🙂 

I really do love those outfits a lot as they are all a mixture between comfortable and elegant and these are points that have always been important for me when it comes to choosing outfits. 
I’m the kinda person who’s more classy and elegant, with a bit of a rocky and edgy note, completely depends on my mood to be honest. 
Another important point is that the clothes fit me and my body form and don’t make one appear bulky. In conclusion, it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable in your skin and you can underline this confidence with choosing the right clothes 🙂 

Outfit 1: 

Parka:            Topshop
T-Shirt:           Urban Outfitters
Leggings:       Urban Outfitters
Scarf:             H&M 
Shoes:           Stiefelkönig (sorry to those who don’t live in Austria and don’t have access to     
                      that store but don’t worry, you can get those shoes at basically every good 
                      shoe store as they are really trendy at the moment 🙂 ) 

Glasses:        Michael Kors
Accessoires: H&M 

Outfit 2:

Shorts:          Promod
T-Shirt:          H&M
Cardigan:      Hollister
Shoes:          Prada 
Scarf:            Peek & Cloppenburg 
Bag:              IAm
Accessoires: IAm

Outfit 3: 

Leather jacket:   Topshop
Shirt:                   H&M
Leggings:            H&M
Shoes:                SMH (Shoes Made in Heaven)
Accessoires:       H&M 
Bag:                    IAm 

Hope I gave you some inspiration for your own spring wardrobe :)) 
Loads of love,
MoMo xx

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