Some Christmas Thoughts

Christmas is a time of peace, of silence, of humbleness and kindness. 

Christmas is for thinking of the ones you love, the ones you care about, the ones who make you smile and your life worthwhile.

Christmas is magical, full of lights brighting up the darkness.

Christmas is the smell of mulled wine and baked apples, the laughter of delighted children playing in the snow.

Christmas is sweet innocence, forgetting about sorrows and sadness and worries. 

Christmas is family time, finding their way back to each other, a time to forgive, forget and learn to love again. 

Christmas is this small space of time where everything is sparkly and surreal, a bubble of joy we escape ourselves into after a year of hard work and difficult challenges.

Christmas are songs we belt out into the world, together in a million people choir. 
Christmas is the small spark that sets your heart on fire and makes you feel warm despite the freezing air surrounding you. 

Christmas was never about what we own or we want.

It is about love. And love is timeless.

But if so… can’t it be Christmas everyday? 

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It’s Christmas Time Again

Put your problems on probation 
Run your troubles off the track, 
Throw your worries out the window 
Get the monkeys off your back. 
Silence all your inner critics 
With your conscience make amends, 
And allow yourself some happiness 
It’s Christmas time again!

  Call a truce with those who bother you 
Let all the fighting cease, 
Give your differences a breather 
And declare a time of peace, 
Don’t let angry feelings taint 
The precious time you have to spend, 
And allow yourself some happiness 
It’s Christmas time again!

  Like some cool refreshing water 
Or a gentle summer breeze, 
Like a fresh bouquet of flowers 
Or the smell of autumn leaves, 
It’s a banquet for the spirit 
Filled with family, food and friends, 
So allow yourself some happiness 
It’s Christmas time again!

– Bob Lazzar – Atwood

Special credits goes again to my amazing photographer, make up artist and soul sister Verena, who never ceases to amaze me with her talent and who coped with me complaining about how cold it was on that balcony without a jacket. 
Don’t forget to check out her instagram as always, which I leave HERE

(all the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures;credits to the designers; the poem is by Bob Lazzar-Atwood) 

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