Vintage Shorts & Feeling Old.

This year June and July have so far been the most stressful months I have ever experienced and exams and work have taken their toll on my mental and physical well being. Now that I can finally tick another term off my list of successfully completed uni semesters I can finally take a step back and reflect on the fact that I am now officially closer to my mid twenties than my early twenties. 

It might sound ridiculous but turning 23 has undoubtedly caused a change in my world view. During the last year I was given some of the most amazing opportunities in my life, I was given time to travel, time to learn and time to discover. Now that full on adult life has come terrifyingly close, it makes one question if one has lived their youth to the fullest and even though I know that life doesn’t end after eventually graduating from university, it still makes you look back on what you had years ago, when rent and phone bills didn’t really matter at all. Even though you undoubtedly gain the luxury of freedom in terms of your decisions and the value of parental guidance, crossing that line from being a teenager to being a young adult does indeed carry responsibilities that one has to come to terms with. When I realised that even Harry Potter is now 20 years of age I have to admit that I indeed felt a tiny bit old. 

In the past year I have finally fully understood what it means to live. That it’s not about the money you have but about the adventures you have, the things you discover and the stories deriving from them. Everyone always desperately keeps looking for their purpose in life and forget that there’s no  real purpose at all. The purpose of life is that it’s meant to be lived, lived, enjoyed and loved. And nothing other than that really matters.

The outfit: 

As a lover of everything vintage, I am always on the hunt for new pieces to stock up my wardrobe with. As I had been looking for oversized, comfortable shorts for a while I was happy to stumble across these amazing shorts from Levis which are technically 2 sizes too big but exactly fulfil their purpose. In combination with a light of shoulder bodysuit and golden slides, a casual summer outfit is created that can be worn up and down with adjusting the accessories. 

Shorts: Levis (Dogdays Of Summer); Bodysuit: ASOS; Slides: Miss Desiree; Belt: ASOS; Glasses: QUAY Australia

(pictures are ©TheStylePolaroid 2017, the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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