Pin-Stripes, Flats and Olive Dusters.

Working in an environment in which dress codes exist can be difficult during the hot summer months as you are challenged to find a balance between business look and comfort clothing. Very often, offices are cooled down to freezing temperatures and as soon as you step outside the sweat starts dripping down your neck. In order to avoid struggling with temperature difficulties, light baggy trousers and cardigans or dusters to easily throw on are the options to go for. 

By dressing up casual baggy trousers, an office-appropriate look is created and you’re still making sure you will not get uncomfortable during the day or when leaving the office. 

A dash of colour adds a twist to every boring office look and makes you protrude even in a working environment. Just because you work indoors and in an office doesn’t mean you don’t get to show your personality through your style, on the contrary, it gives you various opportunities to play with the dress code demanded by your company. 

Trousers: Mango; Shoes: Zara; Duster: Primark; Shirt: H&M; Glasses: RayBan

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