5 Boys Known As One Direction & An Incredible Concert

I know this is long overdue and that I needed ages to come up with this new post but my schedule has been so busy the last couple of weeks that I barely had time to sit down and take a breath for once. I’ve constantly been on the go and still am but now I have a couple of days off before my life takes me to my most favourite place on earth again – lovely London 🙂 
If you follow me on twitter, you might have recognized that not long ago I travelled to Germany to attend the concert of five rather special people, at least they are special to me, what you think of them is completely up to you. 
Those five special people are a band called One Direction (who would have thought? 😉 ) and they are currently on their third tour around the world, quite creatively named „Where We Are“. 
On July 2 I took a plane to Germany, Dusseldorf as they were about to perform there in the Esprit arena on that evening. 
Arriving on the airport was already something close to an adventure. My hometown airport is rather small and quite well to overview and even though I am already used to huge airports like Heathrow and Munich, it always is a new experience when you arrive at airports you’ve never been to before. 
Fortunately some of my friends picked me up so I didn’t have to stroll around alone and our attention got attracted by a whole bunch of young teenagers, I should probably mention that most of them were girls, while waiting for two other friends of mine who had taken a later plane and who I was about to share a hotel room with. 
I wasn’t quite in the mood to deal with such a crowd of young, overly excited teenagers at that particular moment, as I had gotten up at 3:45 AM that day and was nothing but exhausted even though it was only about 10 in the morning but I did my friend a favor after we had found out that those girls were apparently waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer, the opening act of my boys. 

The airport hall in Dusseldorf 

I tell you those guys multiplied within one hour this was just the beginning o.O

I’m not going into detail with that because I seriously spent two hours explaining to random business men, who bizarrely ALWAYS approached me with their curiosity, what was going on here. Apparently I was the only person in the room who looked like someone who could give at least a sort of decent answer. 
Anyway, back to the important stuff.
After checking in at our absolutely gorgeous hotel next to the airport we immediately headed to the arena to pick up our VIP passes and meet up with some of our lovely friends which I hadn’t seen in ages and couldn’t wait to finally see them. 

snap of our hotel 🙂 

our room 

May I introduce you to the best people in the world?

The VIPs chilling in front of the arena ^^ 

The concert itself was absolutely out of this world. 
It’s nearly been three weeks now since I saw them (gosh how time flies) and I still haven’t fully realised that all of this really happened. Our seats were incredible, we were right opposite of the giant B-stage which was connected to the main stage with some sort of catwalk, the whole stage was themed like a giant skater park, including ramps and hurdles and other stuff (I bet 10 quids this was Louis’ and Zayn’s idea) and was kept in red and black tones. 
I had brought my reflex camera to take some good shots but I basically spent the whole 2 1/2 hours with singing and dancing along to the music, completely enjoying myself. 
5 Seconds of Summer did a great job as the boys’ opening act and deserve to be mentioned in this post as well as their music is definitely catchy and good to sing along to.
However, I am unable to describe the atmosphere the One Direction boys created in this stadium. They had 50 000 people singing along with them and it was so different to the concert I had been to on their last tour. It was like a giant choir full of people who did nothing but enjoying the moment and I found a tear escaping my eye at certain moments because of the pure and utter beauty I had in front of me and was able to witness. Those boys poured their hearts out in front of us and especially songs like „Story of my life“, „You and I“, „Moments“ and „Little Things“ created an atmosphere that let a shiver go down my spine. The lights the audience held up in connection with the band singing in a choir with the audience definitely belongs to one of the most beautiful and indescribable things I have ever seen and I can’t even express how grateful I was to be able to be part of something like this. 

she wore a banana… I was slightly judging her…

3/4 of 5 Seconds of Summer

very emotional moment – German flag project during „Don’t Forget Where You Belong“

Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall 🙂

with no doubt my most favourite shot of the entire evening… 

an enlightened stage…
Not only did I see all my friends who mean the world to me, I also saw this incredible band perform again. 
I have stopped caring about what people think about me liking them a long time ago because I honestly couldn’t care less. Those boys are so genuinely lovable people and so incredibly and breathtakingly talented that I can proudly say that I love them, their music and their personalities and that I would travel such distances all over again any day for them. Because I know it will always be worth it. 

Dare to be different and don’t listen to what people think about you. It doesn’t matter at all what opinion they might have of you because why should you stop liking something that makes you happy? No matter what, stay true to yourself and the things you love and like and nothing can ever happen to you. 

Load of love,
       MoMo xX 

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