Exploring London…

I spent the last couple of days in my most favourite city in the world again and went on a little exploring tour walking past already known places and trying to discover new hidden secrets in the heart of Great Britain’s capitol city. 
I’ve been to London so often already but the city still never ceases to amaze me everytime I come back. Nothing will ever compare to the unique atmosphere this place is surrounded by and I will never stop loving the endless opportunities this sleepless city offers. 
I was pretty busy while being in London and experienced a lot, so I decided to split the blog posts about London in thirds, showing you what I wore, what I did and what I bought because seriously, London is like heaven for a fashion addict like me and I’m not even sorry for admitting that to be honest. 
So, let’s get straight into it before I get too tempted on writing a pointless monologue about how amazing London is.

What I Wore…

Compared to what I had experienced at former trips to London, the weather was ridiculously good. The temperatures were high enough to run around in shorts basically all day long and even in the night time it didn’t cool down too much. Good for me because I hadn’t planned on walking around in long jeans and decided to trust the weather forecast just once in my life. 
Day 1 (or day 2 actually because I had arrived the day before)
I’m really into vintage and flower prints at the moment so this outfit is definitely one of my favourites now, as i had bought the kimono the day before after arriving in London, as we had spent the afternoon on Oxford Street. 

(Shorts & Crop Top: Hollister; Kimono: Topshop; Bag: Vera Pelle; Glasses: Michael Kors)

Day 2: 
Mother Nature was still very pleasant to us and didn’t stop sending us the hottest possible weather. Even though I basically got blown away by the air condition everytime I entered a building as they all were running on full speed. 
This summer I recognised that I’m a lot more into lightish and pastelish colours therefore my wardrobe is full of all kinds of white clothes. The white short sleeved cardigan is with no doubt one of my favourites as it is loose, casual and absolutely comfortable to wear. 

(Shorts: Hollister; Cardigan: Hollister; Top: H&M)

Day 3: 
This was one of the few days were the weather wasn’t as welcoming as it had been the days before. Nevertheless the temperatures were still quite lovely and it didn’t rain so it didn’t matter at all to me to wear long trousers for once. Additionally, they were brand new as well and I never mind showing off my new stuff in public a bit haha ^^

(Flanell shirt: Only; Bandeau: Tezenis; Top: H&M; Jeans: Topshop; Bag: I Am; Necklace: Forever 21)
Day 4: 
As we had to go home again that day I decided to wear something comfortable for the flight.  I had formerly always been wearing a black pair of leggings for flights combined with a cozy and comfy top just because tight jeans are just not advisable for any kind of flight as they are just uncomfortable when you need to sit longer than one hour. Unfortunately my „flight leggings“ had left me after the flight to London with a hole on the back of my shank. Thanks a lot. 😛 
Thank God my new trousers are a perfect replacement for my lost pair and so I just wore them again, just combined with a different top. 

(Jacket: Review; Scarf: H&M; Top: Topshop) 

Next blog post will be about what I did the few days I was in the UK 🙂 
Hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned!
Loads of love, 

    MoMo xX

(All the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures above.)

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