Back to the Roots

The Magical Spell of Spring 

Love and laughter
Whispers and smiles
Gifts of kindness
All spread for a while
Dancing leaves and flowers
Spreading its scented spell
As Spring is here again
With its magical dwell
Smiling sun and moon
Spreading the music of life
With bright colors of love
Flowing smoothly to survive
Where sunshine brings hope
With warm memories of spring
And touch the day with a smile
To brighten everything
Where colors play with magic
And show us a beginning new
That brings with it for all
Joy and pleasure true
For Spring is here again
With its scented spell
To bring life to the world
With its magical dwell.

– Seema Chowdhury 
Spring has officially let the sun start to spread its first warm and caressing rays over the world and calls nature back from hibernation. Everything that has been painted in pale and cold colours in the winter months is now turning back to radiating bright, colourful and soothing beauty. 
Thick coats can be put back into the corner of people’s wardrobes again and are replaced by tucked up, ripped jeans and sneakers, which are welcomed back warmly. 
Slowly the world comes to life again and with her people find their joy in spending their days outside again. 

After what seems to have been way too long I am back on MomentousMoments sharing my first stroll through spring’s breezy, warming air, spending my Easter break at the place I was born and raised, to find my roots again and to remember the importance of life’s little presents, to refill my body with energy and to newly fuel my wanderlust after months of stressful events and tiring university duties. 

Ripped Jeans: H&M, Oversized Cardigan: Mango, Shirt: Forever 21, Hat: H&M; Shoes: SMH

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(Pictures by Anna Rendl; brands are mentioned beneath the last picture, credits to the designers) 

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