Hidden Beauty

At certain points in life you just need to get away from everything to find back to yourself and the ones you keep the closest to you. Visit new places you’ve never been to to explore the hidden beauty captured within the heart of cities unfamiliar to you. Talk to people who speak a different language and try food you would not necessarily go for because otherwise you’ll never know what you have missed. 
Bolzano in South Tyrol in Italy is a city I would have never expected to be a place radiating such a unique atmosphere and captivating energy, starting from the crowds of people pushing their way through congested little side ways to busy marketeers trying to enthusiastically sell their goods at their little market stalls. Cute restaurants with all sorts of Italian specialities are spread all over the historic city centre, inviting their guests with delicious smelling food. 

Trenchcoat: Zara; Shirt: Mango; Statement Necklace: I Am; Jeans: H&M; Bag: Mango; Shoes: Keds

It’s strange how the most beautiful, most inspiring spots which radiate the most capturing atmosphere are majorly hidden at places you would never expect them to be and finding them makes you realise how easily you can convey this message to daily life. 
Beauty remains hidden. 

Thriving in the silence that is left in the tiny spaces in-between our hectic routine.

It doesn’t find you. 
It must be found. 
With open eyes and an open heart. 

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(all the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures; credits to the designers)

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