From Mountain Tops to Endless Skies

Hiding in the Mountain Range 
Peaceful words flow in and out, 
all about, 
wondering over the waves and foam 
searching and looking for a new home 
as the sun sets 
the moon shall rise 
never leaving gaps 
in the mountains ties 
where the water meets the mountain 
and the mountain meets the sky 
the words will flow, 
like the ocean waves, 
like the clouds above, 
like the ground below 
in the mountain range. 
– Kaitlyn Hughes

Peaceful minds travel to peaceful places to find their inner peace.

When you’re having a tough time feeling like everything in your life is slowly falling apart and someone is pulling the ground open beneath your feet, you need to break free and find places close to the infinite sky, where eternity is more present than anywhere else and the colour of the sky melts into the gleamy mountain tops covered with sparkling snow all year long. 

Shoes: Pat Calvin, Jeans: H&M, Top: Forever 21, Cardigan: Hollister, Flower Crown: Claire’s 

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(all pictures are mine, credits to the designers)

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