Exploring London … Final Take 3

As I explained in the former blog posts, part 3 of my „Exploring London“ – series is going to be the last and final one and it’s going to be my favourite one as well. 
This blog post isn’t going to be particularly long but it’s basically about the most fun part of trips to different cities for me. During my trip I spent a lot of time on different shopping streets like Oxford and Regent Street and I also visited some High Street Fashion stores in Carnaby Street. 
Highlights were definitely Portobello Road Market and Victoria’s Secret, which I’m going to talk about more specifically later. 

M.A.C lipstick „Charismatic“ ; M.A.C blush „Peachykeen“;  Naked 2 by Urban Decay; Real Techniques Eye Kit

As you see I have stocked up my make up section quite a bit and added some items I have been waiting for for quite some time. I finally purchased my first ever Naked palette by Urban Decay which I had been looking forward to buying for literally ages. I could have ordered the palette via internet as well but it would have been a lot more expensive and I also refused to buy a product via internet which I had never tried out before. I always want to take a look at products personally and maybe try out a sample if possible before I purchase something so I can easily prevent purchases I could regret afterwards. The Naked palette, however, surpassed all my expectations. The wide range of nude colours is perfect for a night going out but can also be used as a casual every day make up. I picked the Naked 2 palette as I personally liked the colour range of the second palette best but of course this decision is completely up to everyone individually. 
In connection with the Naked palette I also went to Boots as I had always wanted to own some Real Techniques brushes as a lot of friends had recommended them to me and I wanted to give them a try. I had formerly used absolutely basic brushes which you can purchase at every normal drug store so those were my first kind of more professional brushes. I have used them every day since I bought them and I don’t regret buying them at all. There are several brush sets available, such as face brushes and brushes especially made for eye make up and eye brow definition but I decided that I would just go for the eye make up brushes to get to know the brand and due to me being a bit obsessed with eye shadows and defining my eyes in general. 
To be honest with you, after having used those brushes for some days I basically got rid of all the eye make up brushes I formerly had because they just can’t be compared to the Real Techniques brushes neither quality wise nor usage wise. The material the brushes are made of is incredibly soft and they are so perfect for applying eye shadows and blending them in as well. The set additionally contains an eye brow brush as well as an eyeliner brush which I haven’t used yet as I am still using my liquid eyeliner from Astor so the eyeliner brush is currently not needed. 
I also stocked up my M.A.C make up section again as this brand is and will basically always be my favourite. There is this absolutely cute, little M.A.C store in Carnaby which I came across by coincidence and just had to go in and have a look. As you see it didn’t remain me just looking (as if this would ever work for me haha). The staff was incredibly helpful and nice and I found what I had wanted after not more than five minutes.
M.A.C lipstick „Charismatic“ ; M.A.C blush „Peachykeen“
I actually didn’t plan rambling about my make up purchases that long to be honest but I think make up needs a bit more explanation than clothes. Picking up on that, I want to continue with the rest of my purchases. I won’t explain the items a lot because they are pretty self-explaining.  

Bikini – Victoria’s Secret
One single thing I want to comment on the picture above is that I am absolutely in love with the way the staff at Victoria’s Secret treats you. As it was my first time at the store I spent the first couple of minutes with walking around between the shelves and tables not knowing where to look or go first. I must have looked pretty overwhelmed and confused because one of the staff members instantly approached me and helped me find out my exact size, helped me pick up the correct size  of the items I wanted to try on and showed me around the huge store as well. As you see I ended up buying an absolutely beautiful bikini in stunning summer colours and an adorable and detailed pattern.
All items – Topshop

Crop Top – Forever 21
jewelry – Forever 21 ; scarf – H&M 
The little necklace you can see in the black box is actually from my day trip to Stonehenge. I picked this adorable accessory up at the souvenir shop as they had a seperate jewelry section with gorgeous little silver and gold charms and I found the one I bought particularly cute as it looks like a little sun at first sight but it actually shows the Stonehenge stones from above.
This is the end of my „Exploring London“- series. I hope you enjoyed reading the single posts and you can reread the former ones as well by clicking on the links below. 
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Don’t hesitate to ask if any questions occur, I will try to help you out as good as I can.
Loads of love, 

        MoMo xX 

(All the pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures above – credits to the designers)

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