Rainbows of Black and White

Black and White
White dazzles my inner divide, 
Black thrown in with my unruly side, 
My parents wave me a lingering goodbye, 
They have always nurtured my childlike soul, 
As I try to fly from my warm nest, 
To accomplish and try to be the best, 
In a world full of colour so bold, 
I’m painted black and white, 
Standing out for all the wrong reasons, 
I dare to fight, 
I always daydream in multicolour scenes of joy, 
Living is a struggle with silent screams of turmoil, 
Stirring the concoction to the boil, 
As i listen to remarks that stick permanently, 
I try and climb to a great height, 
To discover a view, that I can never see, 
I bounce back into a fantasy of nature holding my hand, 
Accepting my limitations, 
Tasting the sweet prospect of finding words a sensation, 
Black and white finds the curious light, 
That shimmers with substance and dances across the page in ink, 
I cross a a wide bridge that is my link, 
To dissolving the empty divide, 
Like the certainty of the incoming tide. 
Hazel Durham
What we forget is that black and white, the shades we don’t even consider colours in the first place, consist of the most beautiful arrangement of colours nature can create. They hold a rainbow within their unremarkable self, remaining a wall flower inbetween bright individuals until you let them shine themselves. Just because people have painted their world in black and white, doesn’t necessarily mean that their world is colourless. In the contrary, they let all the colours turn into light. Light and Darkness. The Good and the Bad. Yin and Yang. Life and all its shades.

Shoes: Vans; Jeans: H&M; Shirt: Topshop; Necklace: Forever 21 

Today’s post is just a short dedication to my brand new vans, which I have been obsessed with since the minute I put them on and to the fact that you don’t always need a lot of colours to make it shine. 

Get The Look: 

Vans (exact)

Jeans (similar)

Shirt (similar)

Necklace (similar)

(all pictures are mine and the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures; credits to the designers)

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