My Makeup Favourites

You may have already figured out what the topic of today’s blog post is by only reading the caption but to be super precise I’m going to repeat it again for you. 
Today’s blog post is all about my current makeup favourites, the little pieces that make my life easier and help me to look at least somewhat close to decent. 😀 
Not wasting any time, I’m going to start off with the foundation I am currently using and have been loving a lot recently. 
It’s the Fit me! Foundation by Maybelline New York in nude beige, nr. 125. I used to use it in buff beige, nr. 130 but over the winter months, my skin got a bit more pale so I had to take a lighter colour to match it with my skin colour again. 
The most important thing with foundations is that you purchase a product which, firstly, fits your skin colour perfectly, otherwise you’ll have horrible, brown spots and you’ll be able to see the blending at your neck and at the outer lines of your face and secondly, is suitable for your skin type as well as everyone has a different kind of skin. 
My skin tends to be quite oily but there are those days where it can also dry out really easily, mostly during winter season when it’s really cold, but I have found out that the Fit me! Foundation is perfectly usable for both kinds of skin types as it is really smooth to apply and gives your face a fresh and healthy look. 
It’s the best to apply it with a foundation brush as you can blend in the liquid way more easily than by using any other applying product. 
Heading over to my absolute favourites when it comes to powder and blush. The powder I have been using for ages is the Manhattan Clearface Compact Powder in beige. It’s especially for young skin that tends to get spots and helps preventing them as well. 
I used to get quite a lot of annoying spots when I was younger, especially when I ate too many sweets. My skin didn’t appreciate that much and still doesn’t so I keep using it as it really makes my skin feel and look soft and healthy and it’s the perfect addition to the foundation.
The concealer I’ve been using lately is from the Fit me! – collection as well and I use it in shade nr. 20. It’s a slightly brighter colour than the foundation to give my face a bright, shining look and to cover up the dark circles underneath my eyes I tend to have after a night with less sleep than usual. 
Also very useful to cover up the last red spots which are still visible even though you’ve already applied the foundation. 😉 
My blush is definitely one of my most favourite make up products I have ever purchased in my entire life. I have always been a fan of M.A.C but seriously, after buying this little treasure I’m never going to use any other brand for my blush again. 
I purchased my M.A.C blush shortly after New Year’s Eve in 2013 and I still have and use it. Every single day. The colour I bought the blush in is called „Pink Swoon“ and to be honest, it looks like a quite strong, heavy pink tone when you see it in the case but as soon as you apply it to the skin it gives you a sweet, soft, rose blush. Just don’t put on too much otherwise the tone can get really intense even on skin. 
The next products I’m going to talk about are my black liquid eyeliner and my kajals in the colours ebony and earth shimmer, which are all from Astor. 
Due to the fact that I’m wearing contact lenses 99% of the time, it is very important for me that the eye products I use are waterproof. Especially during spring, when there is lots of pollen in the air, I’m suffering a lot, not because I’m allergic to them but because my eyes start to water as soon as I get one of those into my eye and it hurts like someone had set my eyes on fire. I really don’t want anyone to experience such pain to be honest. I’m just glad it doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I’d look like a zombie afterwards if I didn’t have waterproof make up. 
It took me a long time to figure out what make up I can use that fits me and my special needs but in the end I finally found what I was looking for. 
Astor really has an impressive range of colours in its kajal section and my favourite ones are the classics in brown and black as you can combine them with pretty much everything. 
The liquid eyeliner is not as waterproof as I would have expected it to be but it’s just too practical and way too easy to apply to use a different product. Furthermore, the liquid eyeliner gives you the opportunity to apply it really precisely and produce a perfect line. 
A short comment on my mascara as well. I’ve been using the „False Eyelashes Volume Express Waterproof Mascara“ by Maybelline Jade lately and I totally love it. 
Even when you go swimming the mascara still holds and the eye lashes don’t stick together. Moreover, they make your eyelashes really long and voluminous. 
My favourite eyeshadow at the moment is the Diamond Glow By Eyestudio“ by Maybelline New York and the colour palette I’ve been using is called „Coffee Drama“. The natural shades of brown are perfect for an everyday make up and that’s why I keep using the palette on a regular to daily basis because it’s perfect for a casual day at uni or work. 
I am using the eye shadow applicator that comes with the palette, even though I tend to blend the shades with my blender brush as it gives your eyes a much more decent and glamorous look. 
I tend to have quite oily eyelids so the eyeshadow doesn’t stay long very often after I have applied it. To help myself out with that problem I started using an eyeshadow base from Artdeco which is really useful and I use it everyday as it really helps to prevent the eyeshadow from mysteriously disappearing from my eyelids. 
Finally, I want to introduce you to my absolute favourite lipsticks. I have developed a little obsession with lipsticks lately and I love having several colours to choose from to match them with the rest of my make up as well as my outfit. 
My lips are already pretty dark in natural so it’s often a challenge to find a lipstick that fits my skin type and doesn’t make my lips look weird. 
I found out that dark red tones fit me the best and this is also why my favourite lipstick from Gosh is burgundy. The lipstick stays for the whole day and you can even eat and drink without your lips losing colour. I have a second Gosh lipstick as well, this time in a pretty nude colour called „Cappuccino“. I choose this one for casual occassions and events where I don’t have to be that dressed up. The colour adapts my skin colour with the colour of my lips and its durability is as long as the durability of my other Gosh lipstick.
My third favourite piece in my lipstick collection is another product from M.A.C. It’s called „See Sheer“ and comes in a bright, salmon coloured shade. It’s a very fresh and springlike colour so I love using it at the moment. 

The last thing to add to my makeup favourites is my favourite perfume. It may not be classified as an actual makeup product but as I’m using it pretty much every day I thought I might add it as well. 
I’m still thankful for my mum buying me this because, to be quite honest with you, I wouldn’t have bought the product myself. She surprised me with it one day when she dropped by for a spontaneous visit and I was kind of confused at first because neither had it been my birthday, nor was there any other special occasion she could have want to celebrate. In the end, she just wanted to make me smile and she totally achieved because you can always make me smile with beauty products. ^^
To come to the point, the perfume she brought me was the „Our Moment“ by One Direction and seriously, that perfume smells just sick. It’s a fresh and fruity smell, perfect for spring and you can also guess a hint of some flowery scent. I love wearing it because you literally can smell it all day and the scent doesn’t just fade away after a couple of hours. 
Moreover, I find the bottle quite pretty.. It’s pink and girly, haha xD 
You may have figured out during my post that I am really into „Maybelline“ products but don’t blame me, they are just so incredibly good to use and they are affordable as well, which is quite an important point. M.A.C may be not as cheap as Maybelline but to be honest, M.A.C’s quality is just worth to spend a bit more money on their products. 
If you have questions concerning any product that has been mentioned above, don’t hesitate to ask and if you have general questions or are just looking for make up advice, you can of course approach me as well. 
Love you guys,
MoMo x
PS: You really should listen to Ed Sheeran’s new song for the movie „The Fault in our Stars“… It’s just so breathtakingly beautiful and I seriously bawled my eyes out the first time I listened to it oops.. 
I also can’t wait until the movie finally airs in cinemas, I’m gonna be one of the first people who’ll watch it I tell you 😀

 (All the pictures are mine the brands are mentioned within the post – credits to the companies) 

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