Summer Picnics in French.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure to be invited to an amazing event called “Lillet Pique Nique d’Eté” hosted by the brand Lillet, who produce an alcoholic drink you can mix with other ingredients to create incredibly delicious summer drinks. The picnic was organised in order to present their latest creation “Mademoiselle Lilly”.

Already on arrival I was fairly impressed by the stunning location just outside the city, “Aiola im Schloss”. The event was supposed to be held outside but due to the unpredictable weather it was relocated to the first floor of the majestic building on a small hill. The room was decorated beautifully, with pillows spread across the floor and flowers creating a magical atmosphere. The guests were all dressed in white and everyone was fully enjoying themselves, appreciating the view from the balcony overlooking the green landscape and taking pictures in a corner, using polaroid cameras. 

The food and drinks that were served exceeded my expectations by miles and by adding Creme Bruleé and macarons to the menu it fit the theme of a French picnic in the countryside perfectly. 

On this evening I met lots of other bloggers from my home town, who I had an amazing time with and I enjoyed meeting people who I share a passion with. I will have linked their blogs below as the blogger scene is all about supporting each other and I genuinely loved spending time with those amazing girls.

La Katy Fox

My Favourite Lillet Recipe
„Lillet Marie“
Ingredients for one glass:
  • 5 cl Lillet Blanc
  • 8 cl soda
  • 1,5 cl grapefruit syrup
  • ice cubes
  • grapefruit zest
  • edible flowers

Shorts: Zara; Bodysuit: ASOS; Shoes: New Look

(pictures are ©TheStylePolaroid 2017, the brands are mentioned beneath the pictures, credits to the designers)

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